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Introducing Amasha Oils


In 1997 my goal in founding Amasha Oils was to produce and make available a series of ten essential oil blends called the Artemis Oil Remedies. These blends are designed to be used by people who want an effective set of aromatherapy oils that will perform a variety of functions. These oils can be used for effecting the emotions and mental states, relaxation, formal meditation, enhancing astrological correspondences in daily life or ritual, sound and mantra enhancement, visualization work on many levels, dream working, chi applications, and many other uses.

Over the following years we have produced custom blends for soapmakers, colour therapy practitioners, and astrologers. We also produce unique mineral essences for additional use as protection oils and our manifestation oils to aid people in manifesting things in their lives. Last year we began producing the new "Third Eye" tincture based oils for profound inner exploration and relaxation of the "monkey mind". They are available through Amasha Metaphysical Institute. Our blending work is accomplished through alchemical processes and chemistry related to essential oils by an experienced staff.

Whether you are a homemaker, aromatherapist, massage therapist, yoga practitioner, martial artist, or anyone interested in a useful way to enhance your energy work, I am sure you will find something of value in our oils. And we are always available for questions and support in using our aromatherapy systems.

Michael Murphy

Sole Proprietor - Amasha Oils

Amasha Oils' essential oil blends - the Artemis Oil Remedies

Amasha Oils' produces a set of ten essential oil blends called the Artemis Oil Remedies. We utilize ancient preparation techniques and over 36 different pure essential oils, known as plant essences, in our blends. Each blend contains a base of pure golden Jojoba Bean oil and five different essential oils. Our Artemis Oil Remedies have exquisitely beautiful aroma and move energy effectively.

How do I use them?

Amasha Oils' Artemis Oil Remedies are specifically designed to work on the physiological body,  the mind, and emotions, addressing the entire human condition. Artemis Oil Remedies are suitable for a wide variety of uses and as Aromatherapy in diffusers and nebulizers, on materials and fabrics, in bath water, in massage oils, on the physical anatomy, and energy points.

Who can use them?

The Artemis Oil Remedies are currently used by spas, beauty and rejuvenation specialists, color therapists, students and teachers of Ayurveda, Tantrists, martial artists, massage and bio-energetic therapists, psychologists, art therapists, and practitioners of various forms of meditation and esoteric study.

Whether you are a therapist, body worker, or simply one of life's explorers, you will find an easy way to use Amasha Oils' unparalleled pure essential oil products. Amasha Oils is here to answer any inquiries and supports those using our Aromatherapy system.  See Uses.


Amasha Oils' Artemis Oil Remedies

Listed below are just some of the effects of the Artemis Oil Remedies.

pure essential oil blend: UNITY


Angelica, Hyssop, Juniper, Orange, Vervaine, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Aids and aligns all Body Chakras, Meridians, and Nadis without altering their given energy flow. Increases your mental control over your body. Nerveine, relaxant, sedative, antispasmodic. Aids in bringing about menstruation.
  • Counteracts nervous and emotional exhaustion. One gains sharper Concentration, stronger Focus.
  • Enables one to release greater Creativity, create greater Beauty in one's life. Release trapped Negative Energies from your body.
  • Strengthens the entire Etheric energy network, intertwines the different stratums. Brings about Greater awareness of your physical self, spiritual realization, makes you stronger against the unknown.
  • Brings into balance: Realization and Belief, Intellect and Emotion, Change and Growth. Promotes understanding about one's life, a place of contentment with yourself.
pure essential oil blend: INTELLECT


Clove, Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Red Pine, Rosemary,  Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Strengthens your physical body. Antiseptic, cleanser, and structure builder; aids in the absorption of Calcium. Stimulates the Pineal gland, promotes the circulation of Chi energy. Use to wash your hands before Healing.
  • Enhances Positive Etheric energies bringing about more Confidence and Alertness in your Self Image. Brings Balance and Harmony unto the Intellect and Emotion, Causal Body and Mental Body. Aids and causes Transmutation and Synthesis of energy between these two bodies.


pure essential oil blend: BELIEF


Angelica, Catnip, Chamomile, Goldenrod, Laurel, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Aids with insomnia and nervous tension, muscular aches and pains, the female reproductive system, rheumatism. Regenerative and tonic.
  • Creates in the Mental Body an interaction between the Mental and the Intellect. This elevates the mind unto its Higher Creativity, bringing your mind into the High Self's purpose and aids in balancing Belief.
pure essential oil blend: LIGHT AURA


Chamomile, Hyssop, Laurel, Lime, Sandalwood, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Use to calm and cool the body, relaxes and soothes. Balances the skin, aids in tightening the skin and connective tissues. Augments the Nervous System, stimulates the Pineal gland. Stimulates menstruation. Spiritually cleansing.
  • Cleanses and tones etheric energies, bringing about Self Awareness and Harmony with One's Self and your Environment along with a positive loving interchange of energy between the Two.
pure essential oil blend: STABILITY


Chamomile, Fennel, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Stimulates the Pineal gland and endorphins. Strengthens the Kidneys and Liver. Calms and soothes dry dehydrated skin. Increases moon energy through smell.
  • Causes a rising of the Electric and Magnetic energies within your Mental Body alleviating Stress, Anxiety, and Depression of an Emotional Nature as well as a Spiritual one. Brings a feeling of Self Love and an inner harmony letting one gain a True Positive insight and awareness of your Self Image.
pure essential oil blend: EMOTION


Chamomile, Fennel, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Cleansing, strengthens the ductless glands, kidneys, and respiratory system. Augments your nervous system, stimulates the brain and Pineal gland. Anti-inflammatory, hepatic, vermicide, anti-microbial, and astringent.
  • Calms the Etheric energies between your Causal Body, Mental Body, and the Etheric Body building a link unto the Spiritual Body. Stimulates activity in the Mental Body that balances Intellect and Emotion forming a pathway between them unto the Spiritual Body. This brings about Trust of your Intuitive and Emotional thoughts, you become more assertive about these thoughts in your physical life.
pure essential oil blend: DEEP AURA


Hyssop, Juniper, Parsley, Rosemary, Vervaine, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Promotes strength and vitality, circulation of Chi energy. Nerveine and tonic, increases your body's sensitivity on the cellular level. Carminative.
  • Brings Harmony and balance with Three World energies. Lets one see how things really are right Now. Activates the Higher Will and your Higher Senses to allow transmutation between worlds by Sound or Vision.
pure essential oil blend: CALM


Catnip, Chamomile, Lavender, Spearmint, Violet Leaf, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now $ 9.95



  • Decongestant, aids in elimination of waste through the Lymphatic system. Nerveine stimulant, tonic, sedative, aids in pain from Rheumatism.
  • Promotes Insight and Growth of Purpose with an increase of Understanding and Adaptability to your interactions with others.
pure essential oil blend: DREAM


Lavender, Lemongrass, Oakmoss, Vervaine, Wintergreen, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • A mild aphrodisiac. Nerveine. Aids the Spleen and Liver. Carminative.
  • Works within the subconscious letting you dream and have visions of Self and your Self Image without ego involvement. Aids in releasing negative past or repressed thoughts one has upon one's self image.
pure essential oil blend: STORMS


Chamomile, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Wintergreen, Jojoba bean oils. 

(1) 5 ML Bottle

Now  $ 9.95



  • Cleansing, stimulant, accelerates healing. Activates the Thymus through the heart chakra. Vibrationally healing, deeply penetrates to the cellular level. Nerveine and germicidal.
  • Balances Electric and Magnetic energies of the Causal and Mental Bodies. Calming action between Positive and Negative points within the Causal body. This creates a calmness so Stress and Tension are released allowing you to gain greater adaptability.
44 page Booklet: "Artemis Oil Remedies - Formulas and Application" - by Hermit

(1) 44 page Booklet

$ 9.95



  • The next level of essential oil use and Aromatherapy!
  • Amasha Oils' philosophy of essential oils and their esoteric aspects. Each blend is laid out including physiological and esoteric responses, dream imagery, guided meditations, Essence, Fragrance, and Virtue relationships, Mantras: sounds and syllables, colors, Celestial/astrological correspondences for focusing effects. Our system of use correctly inter-relates 32 energy points and relates them to Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Qaballah.
  • Charts and diagrams so you can easily find and use energy points and chakras.
the Boxed Set: Amasha Oils' Artemis Oil Remedies


10 - 5 ML bottles


44 page booklet *

(1) Boxed set

$ 89.95



  • Amasha Oils' ten extraordinary essential oil blends plus the 44 page booklet in an attractive box, for you to explore and use the wide range of effects available.
  • For your individual use or for application with clients in a wide variety of therapeutic systems. These oils will complement your chosen field or profession especially in difficult cases.
  • * A savings of $ 10.00  over individual purchase!

Amasha Oils supports retailers and therapists utilizing our aromatherapy and healing systems and products.

Please contact us concerning wholesale and distribution opportunities.

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